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Frequently asked questions about moving companies, household organization and about Tom Nevermann’s Orgodomo™

Is Orgodomo™ a moving company?

Orgodomo™ is decidedly not a moving company. While the transportation of your possessions is obviously an integral part of a relocation, standard or otherwise, the other 65% of our efforts are all about managing and streamlining the entirety of the transition process. This includes ensuring the new home has been properly appointed for effortless ease and efficiency, welcoming you into your new life with smart storage and sophisticated style.

So, how then does Orgodomo™ define relocation orchestration?

Relocation orchestration is the art of coordinating all of the thousands of details intrinsic to a move, with you entrusting us to serve as your line producer, so that you don’t have to sacrifice bandwidth, wasting time and energy going it alone. Most people think about hiring the moving company, but it is only once moving day grows nearer that all of the other myriad details come into full view. From utility services, mail forwarding, media room set-ups and estate sales to bigger picture issues such as the-new-house-doesn’t-have-a-butler’s-pantry and we-really-ought-to-upgrade-the-security-system, having a designated point-person who oversees moves each and every week simplifies the process and really puts the mind at ease.

So, what separates Orgodomo™ from traditional movers and other relocation service companies?

Standard movers and, surprisingly, other relocation service providers seem to think “packing and un-packing services” covers all the bases. Um, no. Getting the contents of one room at one house to one room in the new house is nothing to celebrate. What is worth celebrating? Getting through a move with as little disruption to your life as possible, the confidence that comes from knowing you’re in the best hands possible and arriving to discover that your life in the new home functions smoothly. Smartly.  Stunningly. Orgodomo™ has perfected the art and science of ensuring your new home thoughtfully embraces you, providing the ideal platform for your new life from the moment you first walk in. That’s why relocation orchestration is moving, arrived©.

How does Orgodomo™ define interior optimization?

Interior optimization is putting your environment, your belongings, the tools of organization and all of our experience to work on behalf of the way you want to live. Sometimes, it’s about getting a large space to work in an efficient, easy and stylish fashion. Think: Brentwood mansion. Other times, it’s about maximizing a smaller space, with an emphasis on storage and accessibility. Think: Pasadena craftsman or New York loft. Either way, an optimized interior is the one that’s most conducive to a higher standard of ease and a higher quality of life. Having distinguished itself via other-worldly space planning skills and a more intuitive sense for how any particular client will enjoy living, Orgodomo™ makes it so falling in love with your home is an everyday occurrence.

Let’s cut to the quick. Do I have room in my budget for Orgodomo’s services?

Not every home is a 30,000 sf mansion and not every homeowner is a billionaire studio founder; therefore, not every client chooses to take advantage of every convenience and amenity we offer. This is something we respect and accommodate. But it is always better to look at the complete suite of options and then pick and choose to meet the needs of your budget, objectives, etc. All work is billed hourly and transparently, so our clients can enjoy the freedom of being as hands-off or as hands-on as they wish.


While our relocation work scopes are dependent on numerous factors, not the least of which is square footage, our moving projects range from 8-80k, with 24k being the most common total invoice. For budgets around 5k, projects we regularly tackle are kitchen, master closet, library or media room organizations and other special initiatives, such as readying a guesthouse for an extended stay, preparing for a party, total home baby-proofing or sending a child off to college. We are also available to prepare household use and instruction manuals, and to train household staff to provide the right kind of daily service to homeowners, including on the proper folding of linens and garments, the right way to store china, inventory maintenance, etc.

When should I begin planning my move?

Today. Seriously. You’re on this site now, so we don’t mind at all if the move you’re contemplating is a year off into the future, we encourage you to call us today. We can’t emphasize this enough. Too often, perhaps because a move is such a dreaded thing for most, it gets put off to the very last minute. But it is best to think of us like wedding coordinators; the earlier you begin, the happier you’ll be with the results. The more time we have to proactively plan, we are in a better position to control costs, vendor availability, quality, etc.

What steps does Orgodomo™ take to protect my privacy?

The business never would have taken off if it weren’t for the trust we’ve earned from our clients over two decades. This was due to our discretion, and often confidential, service to celebrities, doctors, lawyers and other influential executives. We are a small business comprised of individuals who understand the sensitivities involved in entering people’s homes, handling their precious objects, maintaining structure, consistency and safety for the children, etc. Our ability to serve you with the utmost in diligence and professionalism is the lifeblood of our business. Should you have specific security, privacy and confidentiality concerns, please do not hesitate to mention them.

Do you offer free estimates?

Priding ourselves on flexibility, we provide prospective clients two paths forward. Naturally, we are happy to tour your current home, providing you an assessment and an estimate of total costs on a complimentary basis.


Another option, should it speak to your needs, is to hire Tom Nevermann for one or two days well in advance of the scheduled move, to serve as your personal moving consultant. The advantages of the latter approach are that Tom can be much more proactive and prescriptive, often providing advice on winnowing and sharing the names of our preferred vendors for this or that specific project. Also, should you choose not to hire a moving coordinator, you will be much better equipped to manage the move on your own. Many homeowners are eager to pick Tom’s brain on certain issues regarding their current home’s limitations and space planning for the new residence – spending time brainstorming with Tom is a great way to tame the moving beast, bringing your vision for the new home into greater focus. (Of course, we credit back any consulting fees paid against your final invoice.)

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