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Discretion is the
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We share these testimonials with the clients’ expressed permission. While many clients ask us to
protect their privacy, these fine folks were happy to lend their names as endorsements.

“I am extremely grateful for all that you have done – you run a truly first-class operation. It is hard to imagine that any move could have bordered on being effortless. But that was indeed the case here.”
- Alan N. Braverman
“You certainly deliver everything you promised. Our house is ready for Metropolitan Home (shoot) and we’ve only lived in it five days.”
- B.J. Dockweiler
"You literally made it as easy for us as driving from our old house to the new one. The only thing we had to do at the end of the day was relax. I think you're just short of being a miracle worker, but not by much."
- John Ridley, Writer
"Tom, what you do is a service to mankind Nothing short of morphine could relive the pain of moving as effectively as you and your wonderful staff."
- Sam Phillips, Music Producer
"Our business was hardly interrupted, our relocation was transparent to our clients. And, your good humor helped us stay calm and unstressed."
- Michael Halberstadt, MHL Financial Services
"I won't ever move without you"
- Janine Smith
"I just wanted to write and thank you for the superb job you and your staff did in coordinating and executing our "Big Move." ..you managed to get us unpacked so beautifully that I was able to entertain 14 plus kids for Christmas dinner just four days after we arrived in the new house. I made the kids stand and admire how perfectly everything was put away We hovered over the sock drawers in a quiet moment of respect"
- Kathleen Givner, Attorney

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