Moving Artwork: To Crate or Not to Crate

When my client said she was moving, my first question was, “What about the neon?!” Unless someone wanted to buy it with the house - it had to be removed which would involve crating...a lot of crating. Fortunately, I Read More

WELCOME to Orgodomo – The Premiere Relocation Orchestration company in the United States!

My original company name, The Moving Doctor, served me well for over 27 years because we relieved the pain of moving!  I realized, however, that If I wanted to expand my services and grow my business, it was Read More

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About Us

Whether producing the move of an iconic estate or working with homeowners to organize and optimize their kitchens, laundry and media rooms, Tom Nevermann’s Orgodomo™, formerly known as The Moving Doctor, helps time-strapped professionals turn house into home with unparalleled proficiency, creativity and a relentless attention to detail. Read more

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